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Welcome to - When you want nothing but the best scented candles Florida has to offer.

If you're looking for high quality aromatherapy candles in Florida, you couldn't have come to a better place! Here at Firesidecandle, we produce small batches of high quality aromatherapy candles you're sure to love.

What sets us apart from all the other aromatherapy candle manufacturers out there is the fact that our candles are made using "true" essential oils, and our wax is made from a proprietary blend of triple-filtered pure wax. This allows our candles to burn longer and smell much better than the competition.

We do not use Vietnamese or Chinese style blends that are very inconsistent in terms of quality and burning characteristics. Also, using cheap chemical blended scents takes away from the true essence of aromatherapy instead of contributing to it. Here at Firesidecandle, we produce only the purest and most natural scented candles that Florida loves. We use only the best and finest natural ingredients and none of the fillers, coloring agents and other potentially harmful ingredients found in others. Also, we do not produce candles with themed-type scents. Only "true" essential oils are used in our top quality scented candles.
Available at these locations:

- Mallory Square Sunset Celebration Key West 

- Florida Keys Farmers Market, Islamorada (every Sunday)

- Wierd Trees - Galleria Plaza MM 81 OS Islamorada

​- Key West First Legal Rum Distillery - 105 Simonton St.  Key   West

- Junque in the Trunk Boutique
Flagler beach FL, Flemming Island FL
- Key West visitors welcome Center
Wall St. Key West 
Our products are tested, and re-tested before they are brought to market. Please see our products page for a complete list of current scents available.

We are open to both direct customers and wholesale buyers for their retail outlets. Choose from our exceptional lineup of scented candles and be blown away by their frangrance and performance.

If you're in Key West, Miami, Miami Beach, Islamorada, or other neighboring areas and would like to get your hands on the most fragrant and highest performing candles, come to us and you'll surely be glad you did!